Tuesday, 30 December 2008

So Majestic and Graceful

I personally think that these Wind Turbines are so Majestic and Graceful.

The largest wind farm in Australia is at Wattle Point on the Yorke Peninsular in South Australia.

It was completed in 2005 and its 55 Wind Turbines have a total Capacity of 91MW which is enough renewable energy for up to 55,000 homes.

Monday, 22 December 2008

In The Mail Today

Many thanks to my Son Dion and his fiance Samantha for my Lovely Birthday surprise which arrived in the mail today. Teddy has my name and birthday Embroidered on it foot.

As you can see Teddy went on a tour around our front yard. The Rose that Teddy is by here is Angel Face and it has the sweetest smell to it.

Now Ted has gone walk a bout to our Sturt Desert Pea. This is the first year we have tried to grow one and we are please to have one flower, with hopefully more to come yet.

Once again a Big Thankyou for my lovely gift.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Spear Creek

On the drive into Spear Creek camp ground which is South of Port Augusta nestled at the foothills. We spent a lovely relaxed weekend here with family and friends.

Now we are on the drive out from Spear Creek and looking South. Although the weather was cool and damp in August while we were there it didn't put a dampener on having a good weekend away.

Our little camping group is known amongst us as 6 Happy Campers and yes there has been many a happy time spent together and hopefully many more to come.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens

Earlier this year we decided to take a trip up to the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens after seeing some stunning photos on the Television.

The trip was well worth it as to us the colors were stunning. Unfortunately we don't get up there as often as we would like to which is like a lot of things in our own areas.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Recently we changed the sliding doors on our car Shed to a Roller Door which completely changed the appearance out under the back Veranda. We then decided we needed to add a few bits and pieces to liven up the entertainment area.

I didn't go into the shop to buy this Labrador but I fell instantly in love with it. Our 2 little dogs went straight to it's food bowl when I put it down, Sadly they got nothing from there though.

Same with these Bunnies but who could resist them, hopefully they won't eat all my plants.

Friday, 12 December 2008

After The Rain

There is nothing like a bit of rain to make everyone feel happy.
Going into summer we now have our rain water tanks filled up, something that didn't look like would happen a few weeks ago.

Just thought I would share these 2 Roses with you as they looked so appealing out in the front garden with water droplets on them.
As I am about to Publish this the rain is tumbling down yet again. Let's hope we get more yet.

C'ya for now.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Santa and Mrs Santa

A few years ago I knitted Santa's for my Christmas gifts to the girls and each following year they are eagerly awaiting for Mrs Santa to keep the Jolly Old Man company. But alas they haven't eventuated yet. My goal (at this stage) is to get them knitted for next Christmas.

Hey if I could do it once I can't see why I can't succeed and get them done by next Christmas.
The knitted pair below come out every year to decorate my house for the festive season.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Self taught

My Nana tried to teach me as a child to Crochet but I just couldn't master it. But after her death I decided I wanted to learn myself. I did an internet search to find the basic stitches and slowly taught myself. I don't proclaim to be a great Crocheter but I get by. Over the years I have crocheted myself, family and friends several knee rugs, larger blankets and the Odd Baby Shawl/Blanket

As you can also see I am a Crow fan and have knitted the odd Crow things over the years too, my needle have also suffered and knitted some Port Power stuff .

My News Years Resolution will be to get back into my Crafts as I have been rather slack the past couple of years.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Girls Night Out

When I first arrived in Adelaide 18 years ago we enrolled our kids in Parafield Gardens Primary school and almost straight away I formed a friendship with a group of other Mums. We used to have monthly luncheons at one another homes. Unfortunately over the years we have all become busier and moved on to do whatever and only get to meet once or twice a year.

Each year my Christmas Gift is eagerly awaited as I am the Crafty one of the group and I make a home made gift. This year I had intended to knit a mother Christmas to go with the Father Christmas I made a few years ago, but sadly they didn't get finished (in some cases knitted). I made this Christmas tree out of Cool drink Bottle tops lids covered in Christmas material instead. Mother Christmas is on the planning list for next year now.

Sadly though our group was reduced to 6 last year with the passing of one. Our get together now isn't the same but we have our Happy memories.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Our Travelling Companions

I am please to say that when we travel we have 2 little companions.
Missie is a Silky Terrier and Ruby is a Caviler King Charles Spaniel. They both love it when we free camp away from Caravan Parks and they have the freedom to move around more. They both have an oil skin camping jacket for those cold and damp places we may visit.