Monday, 8 December 2008

Girls Night Out

When I first arrived in Adelaide 18 years ago we enrolled our kids in Parafield Gardens Primary school and almost straight away I formed a friendship with a group of other Mums. We used to have monthly luncheons at one another homes. Unfortunately over the years we have all become busier and moved on to do whatever and only get to meet once or twice a year.

Each year my Christmas Gift is eagerly awaited as I am the Crafty one of the group and I make a home made gift. This year I had intended to knit a mother Christmas to go with the Father Christmas I made a few years ago, but sadly they didn't get finished (in some cases knitted). I made this Christmas tree out of Cool drink Bottle tops lids covered in Christmas material instead. Mother Christmas is on the planning list for next year now.

Sadly though our group was reduced to 6 last year with the passing of one. Our get together now isn't the same but we have our Happy memories.


Lucky-1 said...

Welcome to the world of blogging.

creativetreasures said...

This project had me well and truly guessing when you gave me snippets of info without giving the item you were making away. It is a fantastic way to use up bottle tops.

Sally's This 'n' That said...

thanks Lucky and Sue I loved keeping you wondering what I was up too.

Debs said...

Well done and I look forward to popping in and seeing what you have been up to.