Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Self taught

My Nana tried to teach me as a child to Crochet but I just couldn't master it. But after her death I decided I wanted to learn myself. I did an internet search to find the basic stitches and slowly taught myself. I don't proclaim to be a great Crocheter but I get by. Over the years I have crocheted myself, family and friends several knee rugs, larger blankets and the Odd Baby Shawl/Blanket

As you can also see I am a Crow fan and have knitted the odd Crow things over the years too, my needle have also suffered and knitted some Port Power stuff .

My News Years Resolution will be to get back into my Crafts as I have been rather slack the past couple of years.

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creativetreasures said...

Nice and cozy for a winters day/night and they do look lovely when put together as a display in the image.